New gadget

New gadget

Posted on 18 May 2010.
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For quite some time I have been using smart phone(s) in parallel with my trusty old Palm Tungsten T.

Even though it seems somewhat stupid, as much of the functionality is the same in a smart phone and a PDA, there are some more or less sound reasoning behind.

The palm had a great user interface (with touch screen and a stylus) and a lot of nice programs, but was missing a physical keyboard and was somewhat lacking in the communications department.

The smart phone(s) (I have been using almost the whole Nokia communicator series, from 9100 to E90) all had a usable keyboard and was fairly competent in the communications department, but a cumbersome user interface - no touch screen !

Now I have gotten the ultimate nerd smart phone - the Nokia N900 !

It's running an variation of Linux, called Maemo, is open source, has a touch screen (and a stylus) and a form for qwerty keyboard. The best of both worlds !

It's not a phone for everyone, but if you like to tinker I'm sure it's a phone for you.

So now my old Palm can retire together with my E90.

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