Big, big, big ............. big brother

Big, big, big ............. big brother

Posted on 1 October 2013.
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For many years, I have been preaching about the danger of allowing governments surveillance, to anyone (who wasn't quick enough to get out of reach), and now I'm in the unlucky situation to be able to say ... I told you so.

Now mister Snowden has been so kind to show us what can happen, when a government assumes the right to eavesdrop on everybody else in the world, and unfortunately it seams the rest of the 'democratic' governments of the world is right behind the Americans.

Ideally our governments should be our guardians, protecting us from threats to our freedom, internal as well as external.

Instead they are busy implementing rules and systems, to make sure everything we do electronically is stored and accessible for later scrutiny.

Right now most people isn't worried, because they aren't doing anything illegal. But what if something, which isn't illegal now, is declared illegal tomorrow ?

I'm not afraid of our stupid, but democratically elected politicians, I'm afraid of the slow eroding of our freedom.

George Orwell wasn't entirely wrong in in his predictions. Less than 20 years after 1984, and we have surveillance on a scale not even he could have envisioned.

May your electronic trails be deleted.

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