Defend your rights

Defend your rights

Posted on 5 May 2013.
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In most European countries and certainly in the US, most politicians are busy telling us they are protecting 'our way of life'.

Since 9/11 this unfortunately has been done by destroying some of our most basal rights.

As I'm Dane and lives in Denmark most of the following examples will be from Denmark, but not all.

Even though we have a Central Person Registry (CPR) where every person in Denmark is known as a unique number by the state, our freedom and privacy have, until recently, been protected by a set of very strict laws, and for most people the CPR system has been, and still are, more of a benefit than a threat.

Interestingly enough this system isn't much of a threat against our freedom or rights. Even though I should think it would be fairly easy for our politicians to sidetrack such a system into a 'Big brother', it doesn't seam as if it has happened.


Since 9/11, it has been made mandatory for everyone providing digital services to log everything you do, and store this information for at least 5 years.

By everyone I do mean everyone, internet providers, phone companies, credit card companies even private firms offering free access points, must be able to uniquely identify you and store any information for the said 5 years.

As a service provider you have to store the information for the case the police wants the data, and they can acquire the data on suspicion, it doesn't even require a court order.

In our constitution it says that our property is ours, and the state can only enter our property by our acceptance or a court order, but lately our politicians have been working on a law allowing our internal revenue service (Skat) to enter and check for taxevation on suspicion.

In much of Europe our politicians are discussing, or are implementing, road pricing systems. Most of these systems are highly technical systems, requiring complex electronic systems installed in every car. Talk about big brother !

If you, like me, are used to work with large data bases describing presumably innocent data, you will know how much none trivial information you can extract from those. Then imagine what you will be able to extract from a database describing where every car in a country (or even Europe) was at a given time in the last 5 years !

Don't try to tell me it would be impossible to misuse these data, if you did you would be lying, so don't. It's the government we are talking about, and even if they decide it is legal to use the data for something else (such as conducting surveillance of suspected terrorists) it would still be misuse !

And don't get me started on surveillance cameras and England, the really black sheep in Europe, as far as surveillance goes.

So, why try and fight Muslim terrorism, we are busy destroying the very foundation of the society we want to protect from them, our selves. Why not just give them the keys, we already have created the ultimate big brother system for them, they just have to use it.

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