64GB micro SD card on a Jolla phone

Posted on 12 February 2014.
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Recently I have got me an Jolla phone.

This phone is something entirely it's own, with a unique user interface, and open source, ... and it's not entirely out of the development phase yet.
... Read More

Big, big, big ............. big brother

Posted on 1 October 2013.
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For many years, I have been preaching about the danger of allowing governments surveillance, to anyone (who wasn't quick enough to get out of reach), and now I'm in the unlucky situation to be able to say ... I ... Read More

Defend your rights

Posted on 5 May 2013.
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In most European countries and certainly in the US, most politicians are busy telling us they are protecting 'our way of life'.

Since 9/11 this unfortunately has been done by destroying some of o ... Read More

Death of a world

Posted on 21 March 2012.
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Are you counting down ?

In about 8 months the earth will cease to exist !

Or so some want you to believe.

If you believe this, please ask yourself why anything should be diffe ... Read More

Boykot den danske underholdnings industri.

Posted on 31 May 2010.
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Den danske underholdnings industri har, gennem deres interesse organisation Anti-Pirat gruppen, fået indført censur i Danmark.

Dette skaber en kedelig præcedens hvo ... Read More

New gadget

Posted on 18 May 2010.
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For quite some time I have been using smart phone(s) in parallel with my trusty old Palm Tungsten T.

Even though it seems somewhat stupid, as much of the functionality is the same in a smart phone and a PD ... Read More

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