The purpose of this page, is to distribute programs / utilities written by me or by friends. You will primarily find OS/2 (or ecs) programs on this page, but in time you may also find Linux, palm OS, MAC and even windos programs here.


I have been using OS/2 (eCS) since 1993, and have made a lot of programs in that time, mostly for personal use, and most not usable for anyone else. But I have released a few programs, someone else might have some use for :

File name
File Size The Wall - Wallpaper changer, one of my very first programs for OS/2
49 KB Calculator/2 - Desktop calculator
36 KB
C-Side CD - label & cover editor OS/2 touch utility
188 KB
Blocks The game of blocks Lasat Speed II configuration utility 263.7 KB
WhatsOn The game of 'WhatsOn, in the shadow of Sherlock' (beta)


In 2010 I got myself an Nokia N900, up til now the best phone / internet tablet ever made (in my eyes at least). I have made several programs for the Maemo operating system, some of which I have released via

File name
File Size
OSMapper Small utility for surveyors for the OpenStreetMap project, simplifying the mapping process
SimplyFTP Basic Ftp client with GUI for N900 - still beta

Much more to come !