I am glad you asked just that question ;-)

I am   years old, Danish citizen. I am living in a small village, not far from the fair city of Svendborg.

I was born in the city of KÝbenhavn ( Copenhagen ) ( Very much against my will, but nobody asked me! ) in 1963, After about 11 months, my parents ( and thereby, I ), moved to the small island Birkholm, where I, and my brother, grew up.

When I was 11 we moved to the city of Svendborg on Fyn.

In 2000 I bought a small, cosy cottage ( from 1784 ), in a small village far out in the rural district.

For more than 20 years i have been working as a programmer, with experience in Borland Pascal, Delphi, and assembler on Apple ][, PC and other machines.

Lately i have been working with Borland ( Inprise ) Delphi. My speciality is technical applications.

My personal preferences is OS/2 Warp and Sibyl Pascal for OS/2 , from Speed soft. Over the last couple of years I have slowly been migrating to Ubuntu Linux, Lazarus / FPC pascal  and Qt.

I now have been working at ACERcon a/s in Odense for more than 10 years, developing programs for the transportation sector.

My hobbies, among many, are astronomy/space exploration, computers ( anything about them, really ), stamps ( Mostly USA and UN ), Star Trek, photography and movies.

I am reading a lot, mostly science fiction and humorous books like Star Trek, Star Wars, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Peter F. Hamilton,  David Weber and Terry Pratchett.

In my spare time (when I'm not reading), I'm exploring the country from my bicycle, sailing in one of Denmark's most beauty full waters, or ( when it's not outdoor weather ) I'm working on one of my many programming projects.